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Gulfstream Estate (78151 bytes)

Gulfstream Estate, Palm Beach, Florida

Located in the heart of Palm Beach, the Gulfstream Estate is a remarkable residence. Keystone Restoration was retained as general contractor for a new addition and complete renovation of this ocean block estate. We added a two story section of 2,000 square feet that is nearly impossible to distinguish from the original. Our work included new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, painting, wood fenestration, cabinetry, new roof, kitchen, marble flooring, partitions, new garage, carpet, wood flooring and other detail work.

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Federal Building & Courthouse                 St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse was authorized by the U.S. Treasury Department for the use and accommodation of the United States district and circuit courts and other governmental offices. Located in the center of Charlotte Amalie, this- massive structure stands today as one of the most important and active governmental facilities on the island. Keystone Restoration was retained for the complete execution of the exterior and interior common areas refurbishing.

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