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1922 U.S. Custom House

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico School Of Architects Award 1996

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Role of Keystone Restoration     

Our firm served as general contractor for the restoration of one of Puerto Rico's oldest buildings, the U.S. Customs House. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, our work not only adhered to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Rehabilitation, but   also met demanding standards for security and operations. Originally built in 1838 as a hostel for the wealthy, this Neoclassical, Greek Revival building was converted into a Customs House in 1898 when Puerto Rico was annexed by the U.S. In 1918 the building was severely damaged by an earthquake and subsequently reconstructed in 1922.

Us Custom House P.R.#3.jpg (46442 bytes) Keystone Restoration, Inc. was responsible for completely    restoring  the   exteriors  and  interiors  of  the customs house. Our work included restoration of elaborate ornamental carved stone elements, on site replication of monumental historic doors, windows, marble floors.  The original glass artwork was replicated, tile, granite walkways, hardware, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, security and computer systems were all a part of the project. In addition, we added second floor offices complete with bullet-resistant glass and a prison cell. The U. S. Customs House in Mayaguez is still in active use as a custom facility and has been extensively published in books and newspapers. Our project won an award from El Colegio de Arquitectos de Puerto Rico in 1996.

"The quality of workmanship and material made this restoration project a success." "We would be happy to have Keystone Restoration, Inc. next century to again restore any US. Customs Building for us."Jorge Rigau, AIA. Preservation Architect

"The US. Custom House is a significant piece of  jewel in the historic fabric of Puerto Rico. The preservation restoration work performed by Keystone Restoration, Inc is impressive and one of the best I have seen in this island."Manuel J. Duran, Preservationist

Us Custom House P.R.#2.jpg (64908 bytes)
Us CUstom House P.R. #4.jpg (75945 bytes) Owner:              U.S. Customs Service
Contact:             Guillermo Colon
(787) 831-3342
Architect:             Jorge Rigau, AIA
Completed:          August 1994
Work performed:85% by Keystone Restoration forces
Designations:         National Register of Historic Places; Town of Mayaguez Historical Landmark

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