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1933 Palm Beach Junior College
West Palm Beach, Florida
Palm Beach Chapter of The American Institute of Architects Award 1998

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Role of Keystone Restoration

Our firm served as general contractor for the restoration of Florida's first public junior college. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, Keystone Restoration, Inc. was commissioned to restore the building's exterior in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Historic Rehabilitation. Designed and constructed during 1933 in the depth of the Great Depression, the architectural style of the college followed Palm Beach's prevalent Mediterranean Style. Located on the grounds of old Palm Beach High School, the building serves today as a school of the arts for the College.

Keystone Restoration's  work  involved  restoration of the exterior to its original historic condition, structural masonry repairs,  restoration and  replication of original architectural details,  wood  windows,  restoration of  historic clay  barrel  tile roofing,  lead  abatement,  millwork,  wood   door  replication,  cast  stone  steps,  etc.

"We are delighted with the transformation of our historic building as a result of Keystone restoration's work." " Most importantly, our building was masterfully restored within a limited budget." "Al Pinedo brought an exceptionally high standard of quality to the work, proving his technical historic preservation knowledge, as well as his company's overall construction skills." "Our experience has shown that Keystone Restoration's reputation is well deserved. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work with keystone again...."   Douglas G. Johansen, Foundation President, Palm Beach Community College Pbjc #4.jpg (59994 bytes)

In 1998, our project won an award from the Palm Beach Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.

Pbjc #3.jpg (48991 bytes) "The quality of the workmanship is truly impressive..." "Your attention to detail and genuine concern for maintaining the building's historical integrity was realized and certainly appreciated by my firm..." "I am pleased to recommend Keystone Restoration whenever the opportunity presents itself."           Jess M. Sowards, AIA

"This brief note cannot fully express my satisfaction with your work at the historic Palm Beach Junior College Building. Despite obstacles of budget, weather, and red tape, you maintained a very high standard of restoration quality and timely performance. Your personal integrity was reflected in every aspect of the job." Leslie Divoll, AIA, NCARB

PBJ2.jpg (60684 bytes) Owner: Palm Beach Junior College Foundation                                   Contact: Douglas  Johansen, President (561) 439-8072                               Owner Rep: Architect Leslie Divoll, AIA (561) 845-6303                          Architect: Robert G. Curry Partnership AIA;  Jess Sowards, AIA                    (561) 276-4951                                 Completion Date: 1995                  Work Performed: 90% by Keystone Restoration, Inc. forces         Designations: National Register of Historic Places; City of West Palm Beach

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