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1925 The Breakers Hotel

Palm Beach, Florida

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Role of Keystone Restoration

One of America's most famous hotels, The Breakers Hotel was originally built in 1896 by railroad magnate Henry Flagler. Following fires in 1903 and 1925 the hotel was rebuilt by famed architects Schultz and Weaver in the Mediterranean Style. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the hotel is renowned for its elaborate facades, manicured grounds and ornate public rooms inspired by those in famed Italian Renaissance palaces. The famed Florentine Fountain is patterned after sculptor Leo Lentelli's works at the Boboli Gardens of Florence.

Keystone Restoration, Inc. was retained as general contractor  to restore the exterior of the famed Twin Towers  and      the Florentine Fountain at the hotel's grand entrance. All aspects of the firm's work adhered to  the Standards of the Secretary of  the   Interior  for   Historic Rehabilitation including:  structural restoration;  Spanish  style  roof  tiles, ornamental stones, corinthian capitals, new decorative fiberglass urns,  painting and  detail  finishes.  For the  Florentine Fountain,  the firm restored the ornamental stone, reproduced  missing elements      and cast  details;  restoration of  the statuary; waterproofing, structural repairs and staining to match original fabric.
"Pieces missing and broken were restored to its original state, and we could not tell the difference between the new and the beauty of the old." "The Town of Palm Beach should be proud to have gained a young asset strongly dedicated to preserving our architectural and cultural heritage." Thomas P Wicky, CHA President & Chief Operating Officer, Breakers Hotel

"We are strictly a restoration firm, Pinedo said. It's our job to make a project look historically correct and bring it back to its original character.  "The work is time consuming and labor-intensive ... but to me it's worth it to restore pieces of history." "In restoring historic structures, research is one of the most important aspects of our work to keep the detail and history intact." From Palm Beach Daily News, October 7, 1989

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Following a comprehensive improvement of the building, furnishings and service, The Breakers Hotel was once again awarded the prestigious "Five Stars".
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Owner: Flagler Systems, Inc., Palm Beach, Florida 

Contact: Breakers Hotel (561) 655-6611             Thomas P Wicky, President & Chief Operating  Officer

Architect: Gee & Jenson Engineers Architects    

Completion Date: August 1990                   

Work Performed: 83% by Keystone Restoration, Inc. forces                                          

Designations: National Register of Historic Places Town of Palm Beach Historical Landmark

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