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1893 Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church
West Palm Beach, Florida

Historical Preservation Society of Palm Beach Award 1997

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Role of Keystone Restoration

Our firm was retained as general contractor for the restoration of one of Florida's most important Romanesque Revival design churches. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, our work strictly adhered to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards  for Historical Rehabilitation. Founded in 1893,  the Romanesque Revival     structure features a multi-colored brick facade with flanking towers surrounded by domes.

The two level sanctuary is lit by large stained glass windows, cathedral glass  and ornate chandeliers suspended from an intricate dadoed cedar ceiling. In 1995, Keystone Restoration was commissioned by the church to implement architect Thaddeus Cohen's restoration plans.
Tabernacle Missionary B#AE4.jpg (64903 bytes) Keystone Restoration, Inc. rehabilitated the entire exterior and interior including: Restoration of the brick facade, brick replacement, re-pointing, asphalt paving  and cast stone; structural restoration, cathedral glass  restoration and replication of doors, windows, carpet, wood flooring and wooden trims; ADA compliance including wheelchair lifts, ramps, stairways, toilet facilities, etc.; installation of new electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, fire alarm systems and offices. In 1997, our firm received an award from the Black Historical Preservation Society of Palm Beach County for its distinguished achievement as general contractors  and in 1998, Keystone received an Award from the Palm Beach chapter of the American Institute of Architects for the outstanding craftsmanship performed.

"The rehabilitation work performed by Keystone Restoration, Inc. was completed successfully, on schedule, within budget and was of high quality. We were impressed with the crew’s customizing tools they had on site to fit the idiosyncratic angles of the old church and the perfect blending of the old from the new." Thaddeus L Cohen, Architect, PA.

"The overall workmanship by Keystone Restoration, Inc. was excellent, the construction time schedule was met and the project came in substantially on budget. " "We were also most pleased with the cooperative attitude of Keystone Restorations staff which made    our working relationship a pleasant experience and contributed to the success of the project." Robert L. Dillingham Jr., Chairman of Trustees Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Tabernacle Missionary B#1C7.jpg (78419 bytes) Owner: Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church

Contact: Robert L. Dillingham, Chair of Trustees
(561) 881-5324

Thaddeus Cohen, AIA (561) 276-4300

Completion Date:
August 1995

Work Performed
: 82% by Keystone Restoration, Inc. forces

National Register of Historic Places
City of West Palm Beach

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