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1925 Town Hall

Palm Beach, Florida,

Florida Preservation Award 1991

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Role of Keystone Restoration

Our firm served as the general contractor for the building's exterior restoration and major portions of the interior. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, our work strictly adhered to the Secretary of   the Interior's Standards for Historic Rehabilitation. Originally designed by Harvey and Clark in 1925, Town Hall was two separate buildings until 1960,  when noted Palm Beach Architect John L. Volk seamlessly joined them with a new central addition. In 1988, Keystone Restoration was commissioned by the Town of Palm Beach to implement architect Jeffery Smith's exacting historic restoration.

Keystone Restoration, Inc.'s work restored the entire exterior and major portions of the interior including: major ornamental cast stone and masonry work; restoration and replication of all doors, windows,  transoms,  installation of new cathedral glass, ornamental iron work, entrance gates, railings and details;   installation of new  air conditioning, lightning and hurricane protection system; sidewalks, historic lighting fixtures, drywall, partition, plaster, structural concrete, hardware, restoration of historic day barrel till roofing, new copper roof and ornamental copper finials. Palm Beach Town Hall restoration has been extensively published in numerous newspapers and regional magazines. Keystone Restoration, Inc. received an award from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in   1991 in recognition of its outstanding achievement as general contractor for the project.
"It is clear from the comments we have received that people are most favorably impressed with the quality of the work your company has done on the Town Hall Restoration. " Robert J. Doney, Town Manager, Town of Palm Beach

"The project is going splendidly, Preservation Foundation executive director Polly Anne Earl said "The project is well-organized." From Palm Beach Daily News, May 4, 1989

"All of the work on this project has been first-rate, Ribuoli said Friday." From Palm Beach Daily News, August 13-16, 1989

"We found Keystone Restoration, Inc to be highly skilled, reliable, well managed and professional in the execution of this work. Their care for and attention to detail proved of great value in the success of this project" Jeffrey W. Smith, AIA, President, Smith Architectural Group, Inc.

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Town Hall Palm Beach #3.jpg (58421 bytes) Owner: Town of Palm Beach

Architect: Smith Architectural Group, Inc.
Jeffery W. Smith, AIA (561) 832-0202

Completion Date: September 1989

Work Performed: 76% by Keystone Restoration Inc. forces

Designations: National Register of Historic Places Town of Palm Beach Landmark

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