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The Earl E.T. Smith Preservation Park

Palm Beach, Florida

Florida Preservation Award 1992
The American Society of Landscape Architects Award 1991

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Role of Keystone Restoration, Inc.

Keystone  Restoration  was  retained  as   general contractor  for the  Earl  E. T.  Smith   Preservation Park. Work  adhered   to  the  stringent  guidelines requiring  that  all   materials  and  details  precisely  match those of  the surrounding  historic buildings designed  by Harvey & Clark as well as Addison Mizner. Located at the southwestern corner of the Palm Beach Town Square, the Earl E.T Smith Preservation Park's development was based on the Palm Beach Garden Club's 1929 Beautification Plan. Its design is based on the Garden Club's recommendation that the Town Square be edged by colonnades and arcades.

Earl E.T. Smith Preserv#FDD.jpg (32363 bytes) The park's design was derived from the forms and context of the surrounding historic buildings and town square.The park features a large central fountain surrounded by cast stone benches, flower urns, and a large vine covered colonnade. The fountain, with its whimsical dog bars, was inspired by the designs of Addison Mizner.

Keystone Restoration’s work at the park included: cast stone architectural elements including colonnade, cypress trellis, benches and planters; new cast stone fountain with dog bar decorated with Portuguese style ceramic tiles; new electrical, plumbing, irrigation systems and landscaping.

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The Earl E.W. Smith Preservation Park has been extensively published in local newspapers. Keystone Restoration, Inc. received awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in 1992 and the American Society of Landscape Architects in 1991 for its role as general contractor in the project. The Preservation Park is one of our most significant parks accomplished to this date.

"The Preservation Foundation has, to date, been quite satisfied with our relationship with Keystone Restoration not only in the area of quality of workmanship and attention to detail, but also in the area of project supervision, cost control, and cost analysis to ensure minimal overruns" "Because of time constraints, it was necessary that we ‘fast track' the park project and actually commence purchasing material before the contract was executed. Keystone Restoration worked with us throughout the difficulties, and the project was completed successfully  and on schedule. "Polly Anne Earl, Director, Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach

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Owner: Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach Florida

Polly Anne Earl,
Executive Director (561)832-0731

Architect: EDSA, Fort Lauderdale

Completion Date: March 1990

Work Performed: 60% by Keystone Restoration, Inc. forces

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