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1927 Everglades Estate

Palm Beach, Florida

Everglades_Estate.jpg (82371 bytes) Role of Keystone Restoration

Our firm was retained as general contractor for the major renovation and additions of one of Palm Beach's finest residential estates. Designed and constructed in 1927, this significant estate located in the ocean block is an outstanding example of the Mediterranean architectural style pioneered by the famous Palm Beach architect and developer Addison Mizner. Located on a lushly landscaped acreage, this beautiful home required extensive renovation in order to meet both modern codes and the needs of its owners.

The Everglades Estate stands today as one of America's finest architectural treasures built in accordance with the Town of Palm Beach’s landmark requirements. Keystone Restoration,Inc.'s work involved a complete renovation of the mansion, significant removal and adaptation of the deteriorated interiors and installation of all new systems. We seamlessly added a two story (3,600 SF) addition that is nearly impossible to distinguish from the original. Our work included installation of all new air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, new marble flooring, new cast stone, intricate Millwork details, doors, windows, new kitchen, new bathrooms and cabinetry. We also antiqued wood molding and details as well as extensive faux Finishes on all walls. Site work included extensive landscaping, swimming pool, fountains, cast stone pavers and a cypress pergola.The Everglades Estate is one of our most significant residential accomplishments. We are proud to have been the general contractor for the complete renovation and additions of one of Palm Beach's grand estates.
"In 20 years of business, Keystone Restoration, Inc. has been among one of the best contractors we have ever worked with. Their commitment to quality attention to detail, organization and flexibility of operations together with the friendliness of their staff were outstanding " "Keystone Restoration, Inc. performed the work in an excellent fashion, conformed to the expectations of the contract documents, remained within the budget and on schedule. Thanks to Keystone Restoration, Inc the estate stands today as a testament to the fine quality of work this reputable firm is noted for" Josephine Halme, PA. Design

Owner: Everglades Estate

Contact: Josephine Halme - PA Designs (310) 273-5222

Noe Guerra, AIA

Completion Date: 1996

Work Performed: 83% by Keystone Restoration, Inc. forces

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