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Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Miami.jpg (212249 bytes)

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Miami, Florida

Three classic styles of art and architecture were blended to give Miami's Trinity Episcopal Cathedral its unique beauty. The overall design and plan is Romanesque Revival, with Gothic and Byzantine elements characterized by spacious naves, rounded arches and large French stained glass windows used to create a harmonious composite. Designed by architect Harold Hasting Mundy in 1924, the cathedral is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a locally designated Miami landmark. Keystone Restoration, Inc. coordinated, supervised and administered the restoration of the bell tower structure including finishes, detail work and painting.

Miami Daily News - Free#704.jpg (56111 bytes)

Miami Daily News - Freedom Tower, Miami, Fl.

Miami's "Freedom Tower" was built in 1924 by the Cox Newspaper Company as headquarters for its leading Florida newspaper the Miami Daily News.This outstanding twelve story tower has a long and cherished history in Miami. Designed by New York architects Schultz and Weaver to resemble the Giralda Tower in Seville, Spain, the building served until 1957 as the paper's office. In 1959 it was leased by the U.S. government as the primary processing center for Cuban refugees fleeing Fidel Castro. Not only is the treasure tower a monument to Old Miami, it is also a sentimental and emotional symbol of liberty for the members of Miami's Cuban community. In the early 1970's it closed and lay vacant until the late 1980's. Keystone Restoration was retained to prepare the building for full restoration. Our work included interior demolition, stabilization of floors and structural elements and preparation of mock-ups detailing proposed stone repairs. The Miami Daily News is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a designated Miami landmark. Award Winner

Seaboard Air Railroad S#F98.jpg (44520 bytes)

Seaboard Air Line Railway Station
West Palm Beach, Florida

Our firm served as general contractor for the restoration of one of Florida's best known Spanish Baroque railway stations. Built in 1924 from a design by architects Harvey and Clark as the eastern terminal for Seaboard's cross-Florida rail system, the West Palm Beach Train Station is listed locally as well as     in the National Register of Historic Places. Keystone Restoration, Inc. was commissioned by the city of West Palm Beach as general contractor for the rehabilitation of the building's exterior and major portions of the interior. Our firm received an award in 1994  from the   Florida Trust for Historic Preservation recognizing our outstanding achievement with this restoration.Award Winner

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