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Memorial Fountain & Park                          Palm Beach, Florida

Adorning the entranceway to Palm Beach's historic town square is the Memorial Fountain and Park designed by famed architect and creator of the Mediterranean Style, Addison Mizner The fountain and park were built in 1929 to commemorate the sacrifices of the town's early pioneers. The Fountainhead rests on the backs of four horses emerging from the water, each representing the directions of the compass. The fountain is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a locally designated landmark. Keystone Restoration, Inc. was general contractor commissioned by the Town of Palm Beach to restore the fountain and park.

Earl_E.T._Smith_Preservation_Foundation_Park_PAlm_Beach.jpg (181877 bytes)

Earl E.T. Smith Preservation Foundation Park, Palm Beach, Florida

Located at the southwestern corner of the Palm Beach Town Square, the Earl E.T Smith Preservation Park’s development was based on the Palm Beach Garden Club's 1929 beautification plan, suggesting that the Town Square be edged by colonnades and arcades derived from the forms and context of the surrounding historic buildings. The park features a large central fountain surrounded by cast stone benches, flower urns, and a large vine covered colonnade. The fountain with its whimsical dog bar was inspired by the designs of Addison Mizner. Keystone Restoration was retained as general contractor and received awards from the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation in 1992 and The American Society of landscape Architects in 1991 for its role as general contractor for the project.Award Winner

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Florentine Fountain, Palm Beach, Florida

The Breakers Hotel Florentine Fountain at the hotel's grand entrance, is patterned after one in the Boboli Gardens of Florence, Italy, designed by famed Italian sculptor Leo Lentelli. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that statues symbolized worthy qualities and contained spirits. The fountain consists of two bowls and twelve statues. Supporting the larger bowl are four statues of water nymphs that represent the four seasons. They stand in the midst of an octagonal pool adorned by eight cupids at the pool's corners. The Florentine Fountain was built in 1926 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Keystone Restoration, Inc. was retained as general contractor to restore the entire fountain after it was severely damaged.

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